Asset Services

Our tasks vary enormously and need our attention all day long, you don’t have a fixed agenda

See my day

Check of my e-mails

I forward urgent technical issues to the appropriate supplier. I answer other emails from tenants, suppliers and contractors about invoice or ongoing works. Monthly technical meeting with one of the property owner in our office

Visit of an office building

A property we managed is currently being refurbished. I go on-site and check the site cleanliness and if deadlines and budget are respected


Lunching at my desk, I check the quarterly report of one of our portfolio before sending it to the client

Conference call

Conference call with the owner of a shopping center. We define how we can further enhance the attractiveness of the complex and improve commercialization

Conference call

Short feedback call with a tenant to answer his questions about our last invoice

Client status meeting

Meeting with the managing director of one of our supplier (a cleaning company). We review and assess the quality of the services provided over the last 3 months. I prepare my meetings for tomorrow